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Best Engineering Colleges in Germany

Best Engineering Colleges in Germany

If you are asked to think of a country which is sincerely invested in the area of engineering, Germany is very likely to be your answer. Whenever we talk about technological advancement, it is one of the first countries that come to our mind.

Below, we are introducing you the list of top engineering colleges in Germany. If you are planning to pursue an engineering degree, there are some of the most popular engineering specializations are Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Automotive Engineering, among others.

Start searching for your future education now! Check out our complete list and choose the best engineering college for your study in Germany. Good luck!!

Technical University of Munich

As one of Europe’s leading universities, The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is a member of TU9. Choose your degree at the TUM from a subject portfolio that is unparalleled in Europe. It includes natural sciences, engineering, management, medicine, and life sciences, as well as political and social science. TMU is a research university which offers students with various scholarships such as Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Stiftung, Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum, Bayrische Amerika-Akademie, The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and more.

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RWTH Aachen University

It’s great that you will decide to study at RWTH Aachen. With more than 42,000 students enrolled in 144 study programs, RWTH Aachen University is the largest technical university in Germany. It is the best university in Germany in the field of engineering (especially mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering), as well as one of the top three in computer science, physics, chemistry, and medicine.

Contact Information: +49 241 80 93681, jens.lundszien@zhv.rwth-aachen.de
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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Any applicant seeking admission in top engineering colleges in Germany should have Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in their list, which is among the top engineering colleges not only in Germany but in the world as well. Founded in 1825 as a public research university, it is a public research university and one of the largest research and educational institutions in Germany. KIT is one of the leading universities for engineering and natural science in Europe, which is the rank sixth overall in the citation effect.

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Technical University of Berlin

Established in 1879, the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) became one of the most prestigious education institutions in Europe. It is known for its highly ranked engineering programs especially in computer science, mechanical engineering, economics, and management. TU Berlin has one of the highest proportions of international students in Germany; about 24% were enrolled in 2018.

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University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart was established in 1829. With highly ranked programs in civil, mechanical, industrial and electrical engineering, it is one of the oldest technical universities in Germany (TU9). It is exclusively known for its notability in the areas of advanced automotive engineering, efficient industrial and automated manufacturing, process engineering, aerospace engineering, and activity-based costing. It is consistently ranked among the world’s top universities in various international ranking surveys such as the Academic Ranking of World Universities and the Times Higher Education Supplement which ranks over 1000 universities worldwide.

Contact Information: +49 711 685-82133, studienberatung@uni-stuttgart.de
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TU Dresden

As one of the 10 largest universities in Germany, TU Dresden is a public research university and the largest university in Saxony. It ranks among the best universities worldwide for engineering and technology, especially among the top 100 worldwide, top 30 in Europe, and top 10 in Germany. The University is a member of TU9, which is a consortium of nine leading German Technology Institutes.

Contact Information: Tel.: +49 351 463-0
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Darmstadt University of Technology

Founded in 1877, the Technical University of Darmstadt is a research university in the city of Darmstadt, Germany. Specialized for the University of Technology, ten out of 13 academic departments are in the engineering, natural science, and mathematics, while three departments are in the social sciences, and humanities. Overall, TU Darmstadt offers approximately 100 courses of study.

The departments are Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, History and Social Sciences, Human Sciences, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Law and Economics. In addition, there are five fields of study, which offer interdisciplinary degree courses in which students take lectures in multiple departments: Computational Engineering, Energy Science and Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Mechanics, and Mechatronics.

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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

As one of the leading universities in Europe, the Munich University (LMU) seeks to attract innovative research into an intellectually stimulating setting and attract talented talent to educate and train future generations of students. This is the sixth oldest university in Germany, in which more than 100 areas of study continue to be offered with many combinations of majors and minors. It is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities in various international ranking surveys, such as academic rankings of world universities and Times Higher Education Supplement which is ranking more than 1000 universities worldwide. It consists of 18 faculties who oversee various departments and institutions.

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University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg)

Consistently ranked highly in both national and international rankings, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is divided into nine faculties and offers degree programs in some 189 disciplines from undergraduate to post-doctorate level. FAU offers more than 260-degree programs and has been ranked first in German universities in engineering/technology and computer science group for all four ranking parameters TOP, FUN, HiCi and PUB. The FAU consists of 5 faculties, 23 departments/schools, 30 clinical departments, 19 autonomous departments, 656 professors, 3404 academic staff members, and about 13,000 employees.

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